Never compromise your security and privacy. Only settle on the best.

Choose the most secure and private cloud – ZCloud


Never compromise your security and privacy.
Only settle on the best.

Choose the most secure and private cloud.

Why ZCloud?

Secure and private ID

IDZ will not ask you for your email address, phone number or name for authentication. Other cloud providers rely on email which is susceptible to hacking, phishing, and other cyberattacks. Your zID is immune to these kinds of attacks as it uses cryptographically secure authentication to protect your account.

Secure offline encryption

Your data remains encrypted all the time, even offline. Most cloud providers don’t encrypt user data. Very few providers encrypt data prior to transmitting to the server. With IDZ, at-rest client-side encryption is key. Your data remains encrypted offline all the time, whether or not it is sent to the server.

Zero-knowledge architecture

No one, including IDZ, can ever access your data other than you. Unlike other cloud providers who don’t encrypt your data or decrypt it offline, your data stays encrypted all the time. In ZCloud, every single file and folder has a unique encryption key that stays solely with you.

Ownership of encryption keys

In ZCloud, you fully own and control your encryption keys. Secure cloud providers usually keep encryption keys in a password-protected form on their servers. If your password is compromised, then your data is compromised. IDZ does not use passwords and does not store these keys on the server, even in encrypted form.

Trusted account recovery

In ZCloud, you can have peace of mind that your data remains private and secure during recovery events. Other cloud providers rely on insecure email-based account recovery which in many cases exposes data to storage providers. IDZ never uses email to recover data, instead it relies on strong cryptographic means to keep data private and secure all the time.

Passwordless authentication

IDZ does not use passwords. Other cloud providers use passwords to authenticate users which are inherently insecure. They can be guessed or may be revealed in a data breach if stored insecurely. IDZ uses strong cryptographic authentication to authenticate users maintaining top security when accessing your account.

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